What is estrogen ?

Estrogen is actually a group of different chemical compounds, and not a single one, as many believe. Those naturally produced chemicals have a larger quantity emission in the bodies of women, where they serve a primary purpose of being female sex hormones.

Those hormones establish the secondary sexual characteristics of women and are known to be present, in much more smaller quantities in males as well. Also, the estrogens regulate the sexual life of women and when an imbalance occurs due to a number of factors they can be replenished by use of estrogen pills.

The group in which the hormone resides is the steroid hormone group, that is the naturally body produced variation while the synthesized ones, while having the same function and contribution may consist of other elements altogether. Estrogen pills can serve a multitude of purposes.

Generally they are regarded as oral contraceptives but the range of situations that they can prove beneficial to is much larger. For instance, a young female may be recommended to take them to regulate her menstrual periods, a certain amount of the chemical influencing the body to better face the internal production of estrogens and to make it more even.

But the estrogen pills primary usage is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and other situations that need to be avoided. What the product does is to simulate the conditions prior to conception so that the body will not switch it’s chemical production as to assist the development of a fetus.

Therefore it has been successfully used to regulate birth control for a number of years and the results have been very good altogether. The only precaution is to not take the pills for more than the prescribed period as the estrogen amount taken outside the normal production cycle can lead to infertility either on a permanent or certain shorter periods. Also, when planning to have a child the use of the pills has to cease at least a month before the conception will be possible, as the estrogen will continue to work in the body for the period.

Another important aspect which should be taken into consideration is the continuity of the treatment. Forgetting to take the pill for a day or 2 may at times prevent a continuous flow of estrogen through the body which in turn may prevent it from guarding you from an unwanted pregnancy. Always consider the treatment with it’s utmost care and do not abandon it or the desired effects may cease to be applicable.

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